About Us

JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL has taken up a lead role in developing a community of lifelong learners by providing a rich and diverse educational program to meet the individual needs of each student and to inspire the love for learning and mutual respect for each other.


All students can learn.

Each student has potentials unique to their cultural, social, emotional and intellectual background and the institution strives to build on their diversity an environment of academic enrichment by introducing advanced methods of teaching. 

Considering each student a special individual, their needs are met according to high and international standards of instruction.

JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL holds firm in its belief that students do their best and teaching becomes productive when research is underlined as a criteria for scholarship systematically guided by dedicated and quality teaching. Safety and security are the keywords in JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL campus so that fear and anxiety are kept away from the minds and hearts of every member of the JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL community. 

JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL is committed to treat students with dignity and respect so that they may grow with self-esteem and deal positively with their peers, parents and staff.

JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL is envisioned to be a sphere of analytical exercise, mature decisions and comprehensive input.

Students will have to own responsibility for their actions accepting corrections when necessary.

Our objective is to empower each child to make responsible and appropriate decisions, perform to the best of their ability and gain the confidence and knowledge for success in each stage. We are committed to holistic student development that transforms their mind and body, to make a positive difference for themselves and the society. To achieve this, our students work in partnership with the faculty in an integrated learning environment.

Today’s technologies help our students to breakdown the classroom walls and communicate with people they would otherwise never have met. Our global partnership programs provide a seamless learning experience that helps them understand cultural equity and diversity.

Students at JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL learn to think rather to fill their minds with facts; they conceive it and achieve it. Our art club helps them to use creativity to compose and design something original.

Our children work in teams, exercise leadership and take initiative in co-curricular activities. Children are exposed to practical tasks and not just what is taught in class. Through equal balancing of academic and co-curriculum, the students have the chance to exercise their rights and the opportunity to be multi-talented. By identifying individual talents there is a higher possibility for young children to learn and to grow in their studies.

International dimension

JNANA JYOTHI PUBLIC SCHOOL welcomes multicultural students for advocating social cohesion by recognizing different cultural identities. It is with good reason assimililation is considered to be of certain value for promoting peace, harmony and integration among children to learn the values of cultural diversity. Our students will be trained to participate in multicultural programs and learn the skills of intercommunication.