Q1. Do you have well qualified staff? 

Yes, we do have well qualified and professionally trained staff.

Q2. What are the facilities offered by the school? 

Our institution caters to the wholesome development of children by providing facilities for academic, cultural and physical growth.

Q3. Is Parent -Teacher Meeting held regularly? 

On the second Saturday of every month a PTM is held to appraise the parents regarding the children. Appropriate inputs for improving children through mutual suggestions are incorporated.

Q4. What are the subject combinations offered for XI standard? 

At present we have permission to admit students for XI Commerce stream with the following subjects: English Core, Informatics Practices, Economics, Accountancy and Business Mathematics

Q5. Do children get opportunities to take competitive examinations? 

Children participate in various competitive examinations such as Science and Maths Talent Tests, GK tests etc.

Q6. Do you use email to communicate with parents? 

Yes, we use email to communicate with parents.

Q7. Do you send circulars related to school information through children? 

Yes, we send circulars through children.

Q8. Do you resort to corporal punishment? 

No, we are not in favour of corporal punishment.

Q9. Are appropriate remedial measures adopted to help the weak students from time to time? 

Yes, the required remedial strategies are adopted to bring up the academic levels of the students.

Q10. Do you reinforce concepts through regular home works /assignments/ projects/ worksheets/ field trips? 

Yes, regular home works, assignments, projects, field trips etc supplement our teaching of concepts.

Q11. What are the languages offered as 2nd language and 3rd language? 

Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit are offered as second language options. Kannada and and Hindi are offered as third language options.

Q12. What steps are taken for teaching regional language to the beginners? 

Beginners are taught the regional language at the basic level and it is gradually built up through oral and written reinforcement practices.